The Lyle W. Williams and Lyle Williams Northwest Advantage

Experienced Salesmanship: Top electrical manufacturing and distribution companies choose LWWCO and LWNW as their independent manufacturers’ rep because of our experience. Professional and knowledgeable experience for over 50 years. We have been dedicated to continuously improve our processes and methods in an ever changing environment.

Customer Satisfaction Promise: The 50+ years’ experience and professionalism is what makes us best in class and our promise is to continuously work to improve our customers experience. . LWWCO represents top manufacturers in the electrical industry by being the best choice for implementing terms & conditions, pricing policies, promotional activities, training, seminars and programs in the markets we serve. We are committed to providing resources to support these initiatives.

Vast Product Selection: LWWCO and LWNW. represents several of the leading Manufacturer’s in the electrical industry. With this diversity, we touch every aspect of the electrical industry.

Market Penetration: LWWCO and LWNW continue to invest in resources to cover the markets we serve. We do this so that we can provide the best coverage and penetration available to the manufacturers we represent.

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Our primary focus is providing electrical contractors, distributors, engineers and other end users with a single source for the sales and support of all electrical products. So no matter your electrical product needs, LWWCO is an indispensable market channel to the end user’s electrical business needs.